Thursday, March 26, 2009

?? what happened here??

One of the blogs that I try to read regularly, the Survivalist, has disappeared..... Anyone know what's going on with that???

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Gun Shows used to be Fun Shows...

Went to a local show here in Orlando (local this week...) this morning. Nine dollars to get in, 3 hours of walking, and the only thing I picked up was 4 boxes of .30 carbine ammo.... Came close to pulling the trigger on a 7mm Mag, but $475 seemed high, looked at a couple century arms rifles (1 L1A1, 1 AK47), neither sparked my fancy hard enough to get cash out of the wallet...

Ammo prices... Folks, lets face it.. Gun shows suck anymore... The average I saw FMJ 9mm going for over $20 for a 50 round box. FMJ! FMJ .308 / 7.62NATO? the CHEAPEST I found was .66 a round (300 round can for $200). But the going rate on it was closer to $1 a round. Much of it was OVER $1 a round... for FMJ! I found some .308 168gr match for close to that price!!!

Found .30 carbine for $40 for 50 rounds... Almost laughed in that guys face. Ended up getting mine for close to half what he was asking....

Saw a Chicom M14.. $1600... Laughed. He had a bunch of "USGI" 30 rounders too. LoL.

Anyway, this is the first time ever in my life that I have wandered a gun show for 3 hours and struggled to make a single purchase. Big time bummer!

ETA: Also, can ANYONE tell me why in the hell the ATF has a booth at a gunshow???? Isn't that like the DEA having a booth at a Cottonmouth Kings concert? Or an Islamic Jihad booth at a Jewish Synagogue?

More Great Economic News

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"Folks, this is the most frightening statement I've read from the FOMC - ever."

Not Good!