Monday, January 26, 2009

Another threeper types his thoughts!

Hey, for those who haven't yet, check out Boomers and BS. It's a pretty good read!

For those who are afraid that the blog is devolving into one big linkfest, I apologize, that is not my intent. However I don't see a problem with pointing the reader toward an article that was written by someone else. Preferably someone else who actually understands the subject at hand better than I do!

And for those who live under a rock:


If you don't know how to do that, go to the Gun Owners of America web site and click on the "GOA opposes Holder" link. This will open a form that will do the writing for you, just provide your address etc. Takes about 3 minutes, maybe less if you type well. If you don't know who Eric Holder is and why you should oppose his confirmation as AG, get out from underneath that rock and google him.

Sunday, January 25, 2009


Here are two stories comparing both the US and British economies to Ponzi-schemes.

The first (dealing with the US & the definition and origin of the phrase "Ponzi-scheme)

and the second, dealing with Britain's economy.

Read them, and then understand that what Rawles wrote is (as the rear view mirror warns) closer than it appears.

If you have not read John Wesley Rawles' Patriots, please pick it up, it is coming back into print, but the older edition can still be found. Also, read his daily blog at survivalblog.

And last but not least, start looking at your "investments" and see if you will be prepared for what must come...

Monday, January 19, 2009

Ramos and Campion!

Border Patrol agents Ramos and Campion have been pointed toward freedom today by President Bush...

Although he didn't pardon them, just commuted their sentences. At least in March (so the story goes) they will be free men, once again.

It is too bad that David Olofson still languishes in prison, and Keeku, and the rest of the jackbooted thugs sit at home free to watch the "Messiah", Lord Hussein accept the scepter and the crown...

Saturday, January 17, 2009


Just got a note from a friend of mine who was asking me about "...some story chapters you had linked to me, like "Unintended Consequences" but more about the militia..."

My friend, you are referring to Absolved, a novel in the works, by Mike B Vanderboegh. The MBV III of Sipsey Street fame. Hopefully as I type this, a post is going up on Sipsey Street that the book is finished, and will be in print by the time I get out of bed in the morning... Until the book is published, fear not, you can read excerpts.

The Chapter List for Absolved (Thanks to David Codrea).

and a link to MBV III's Blog at the Sipsey Street Irregulars.

Happy to Help!

PS - and as a side note, for those who haven't read "Unintended Consequences", by John Ross, please go purchase a copy! It can be purchased at Accurate Press for $28.95 - and it is worth every penny.

Global Depression...

So, here we are. 2009 has arrived and we are beginning to see the dreadful economic statistics of 2008 roll in. Anyone who hasn't read Rawles' "Patriots," please go and buy it! His scenario is beginning to look more and more prophetic...

A few tidbits of interest about the "global economy meltdown" or whatever you prefer to call the descent into financial hell...

From Bob Chapman's The International Forecaster:

"Now we have interest rates at zero as the Fed pushes on a string, and they are blindly followed by every major nation, all of which are waiting to get buried. Wait until you see the dislocation when the Fed attempts to borrow $2 trillion in 2009. In 2008, in real estate, stocks and commodities worldwide, $70 trillion has been lost."

"How can any sane investor accept a negative return or even 0.25% on Treasury bills when inflation is 11%? Stop and think for a second, interest rates cannot go any lower. They can only go higher. Even though this situation exists foreigners lend 60% of their savings to US entities. Needless to say, this cannot continue and as a result foreigners are in the process of pulling funds out of dollar denominated assets. We do not have fourth quarter figures as yet, but for the nine months in 2008 foreigners withdrew $324 billion."

And the statement that I sort of agree with: "There is simply no way out. This is why during this inflationary and hyperinflationary period you have to be almost totally in gold and silver related assets and eventually only in gold bullion coins."

I tend to think that in place of the 'gold and silver related assets' that copper and brass assets, along with edible assets, and intangible assets such as mindset, training, friends, and family should be gathered. You can clock someone with a gold brick, but they have to be very close... Much better to drop 150 grains of love in on them from 500 meters....

By far the worst part of this entire mess is the Belief of the US Government the bailouts, stimuli and stagflation are the answers to the problem that they created. The President Elect has over and over stated that by waving his magic job wand and creating from thin air (or thin dollars) 4 million jobs, the US economy can be saved. Or maybe it might take the aforementioned magic trick and a few more hundreds of billions of dollars... Or maybe more "money" than that even.

Although my post high school formal education lasted around 3 weeks, I will leave you with My words of wisdom: "I told you to buy it cheap and stack it deep. That option is no longer available, so buy it anyway, and thank yourself later."

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Oh Gawd the "M" word!

While perusing my favorite online gun forum (which happens to cover my favorite MBR, the M14), I ran across this wonderful (ahem) dialog:

(no attempt has been made to disguise users or correct their spelling...)

JohnnyJr: "a friend belongs too are local militia.An has asked me more than once to go to the meeting and camping with them on a few occasions. what do you men think of militias ?surviavalist or whack's"

M1AJAS: "I can only say two things: camping, shooting,beer drinking after wards,yes. "Timothy Mcvie" types, NO WAY."

cavman: "It could be a money maker for you... Before you join...go to your nearest FBI Office, and ask to sign up as an Informant! If, as is very likely, they already have one or more on the payroll...then you could consider starting your own group...and informing on new members... Edit: I forgot to add...And the BATF!!! They just love it when they have you on video where the guy walks over to you, hands you his rifle, and says...Check This Out! Converted It to Select-Fire Myself! I've Done It For Half The Guys Here! I'll Be Glad To Convert Yours Too!If you doubt me on this...just do some serious research on militia groups... I am not saying that Everybody in a militia group is a Whacko...just that militia groups actually DO Attract Whackos! And they ARE constantly monitored, investigated and infiltrated by the FBI... You ARE Judged By The Company You Keep..."

Sustinemus: "Internet gun-related message boards attract whacko's too."

cavman: "I Agree 100%...But There is Much Less Risk Just Being ON a Board...reading Messages from Whackos Who Want To Know How To Break The Law ... Than Being in a Militia Group, Weaing Para-Military Uniforms, and WATCHING People Break The Law?!? And on THIS Forum...They Don't Last Long !!!"

duckbuck: "You are absolutely "spot-on", Cavman... Here on the FL, we are dedicated to safe, sane and LEGAL shooting sports, especially things related to our beloved M14-type rifles. We also frown on trolling and flaming and it appears that this thread may be headed in that direction. Before this gets out of hand completely, I think we ought to agree that everything that needs to be said... has been said. The thread is now closed"

And that was that. The thread was open from 12:15 am (1-8-09) until 10:41 am (1-8-09). Glad that in ten and two thirds hours "everything that needs to be said... has been said". Also Glad to hear that (according to cavman) "They (militia personnel I'm guessing) Don't Last Long !!!" And so...

I have posted my last post on the M14 - Firing Line Forum ( - which reads:

"Found out that I was breaking some rule that I was not aware of.

And on THIS Forum...They Don't Last Long !!!

CAVman in WYoming
So, thanks guys, it was fun."

Sigh! Guess I'll go back to the Warrifles forum... Oh, well. Too bad...

Saturday, January 3, 2009


Welcome back from the Holidays! Hope that everyone had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I sure did. Which has a little to do with why in the heck there hasn't been anything posted in a couple weeks...

Anyway, for today, our topic is current events:

The insanity in the middle east (Gaza in particular, but the entire region in total). I have heard that insanity can be defined as doing the same thing over and over again, while expecting a different result. It seems to me that if that definition holds true, then the entirety of middle east politics and war can be summed up as insanity.

Israel is beset by the hordes of the (mostly Muslim) Arab world. The Arab world is still a little irritated by that whole "1948" thing - you know, the one where some guys in Europe (and in the US) decided that Jews needed to be given "back" their homeland, Arabs living there be damned.

Although they (the UN) split said land into two pieces, and gave one to the Jews, and one to the Arabs, the Jews seem to have made a little better return on theirs... Since the day (May 14, 1948) of the establishment of Israel, the Israelis have been at war, preparing for war, or planning the next war... and they have been victorious. Over and over again. Not that the Arabs have lost heart.

Currently the Arab tactics are whine on TV that Israel is oppressing them while they lob rockets into Israel. Israeli tactics involve dropping hundreds of tons of bombs into Gaza, prepping it for the ongoing ground assault...

The insanity in this is that Israel has been fighting this war, for their established land for sixty years... And yet there are many in the world who would like Israelis and their Arab neighbors to hold hands and sing cumbaya... And their opinion is that Israel needs to stop defending herself to do that. "If those uppity Jews would just stop demanding that the Arabs stop killing Jews, the Jews and the Arabs would get along so much better!"

Now flash forward a year, or a few years, and half way around the globe, to my own personal part of the world... The United States of America. How soon will that insanity have set in here? "If those uppity gun-owners would just stop demanding that the government stop banning guns, the gun-owners and the government would get along so much better!"

The only problem is, there won't be any "gun-owners" if the government bans the guns; nor will there be any Jews if the Arabs kill all of the Jews.