Sunday, December 7, 2008

Change we can belive in...

President (elect) Obama ran a campaign with the slogans "Change" and "Change" and more "Change"... Change is what he promised, numerous times. Well, lets take a look at what exactly "Change" means to him.

If Washington is to be Changed, I would think that the players would need to be Changed. Nominations are being made for his cabinet; I don't see much Change.

First and Foremost, the nomination of Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State. Wife of former President Clinton, Presidential Candidate herself, and Senator from New York. I'd say there are a few things that tie her to business as usual in Washington.

Eric Holder for the position of Attorney General. Former U.S. Attorney (nominated by fmr. President Clinton), then Deputy Attorney General (under fmr. President Clinton, serving under the infamous AG Janet Reno). Again, ties to the most recent Democrat administration. Not to mention (as a side note), that while serving under AG Reno, he advocated a waiting period, limiting gun purchases to one per month, and "gun show loophole" legislation; He is definitely not a friend to the Second Amendment as written; he thinks that "The Second Amendment does not protect firearms possession or use that is unrelated to participation in a well-regulated militia." , as he signed fmr. AG Reno's brief to the US Supreme Court in the Heller Case.)

Timothy Geithner, nominated for Secretary of the Treasury. Former Assistant Secretary for International Affairs, and later Under Secretary of the Treasury for International Affairs (under fmr. President Clinton). After those billets, he joined the CFR (Council on Foreign Relations, a whole topic in itself), and the International Monetary Fund. Arranged the Bear Sterns rescue. Definitely tied to the NWO, the former Democrat administration, and the current economic woes facing our country.

Governor (of Arizona) Janet Napolitano as Secretary of Homeland Defense. She was nominated as US Attorney for Arizona (by fmr. President Clinton) and was on the list in '04 to be Kerry's runningmate (for VP). While she is from a border state (a hot topic in Homeland Security), and has taken actions that suggest she may actually care about securing the borders and stemming the tide of illegal aliens into the Country and it's workforce, she can't be much of a Change if she was on the list to be Kerry's VP and spoke at the 2000 and 20004 Democrat conventions, and was nominated to a post by fmr. President Clinton.

Rahm Emmanuel as White House Chief of Staff. Former campaign finance commite leader for (then Candidate for President) William Clinton, Advisor in the White House under fmr. President Clinton, member of the Board of Directors at Freddie Mac (appointed by fmr. President Clinton), Democratic Representative since 2002 (US House of Representatives). Again, not much Change with a guy who worked for the Clinton administration from pre-election.

And Last but not Least, Secretary Gates (serving since Donald Rumsfeld) to continue as Secretary of Defense. Not much Change, and I don't have much doubt that he'll be replaced within a year probably with much contempt as the "guy who lost the wars for President Obama"; I think he's being kept as a Sacrificial Lamb.

So, we see what "Change" means in Washington: Nominate a whole crop of cabinet members who were members (in some capacity) in the last Democrat Administration. I am reminded of a quote from Will Rogers:

If you ever injected truth into politics you have no politics.

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ParaPacem said...

Of course, we have no President; only a foreign born pissodent whose
" messiah complex" made him the perfect tool for the marxist agenda.
I saw a bumper sticker which read,
"I Will Keep My Guns and My Bible - YOU can Keep The Change"
Besides - the names and faces of his 'change' are the same tired old hacks, cronies and buffoons we have seen haunting the cesspool of DC for generations now.