Saturday, January 3, 2009


Welcome back from the Holidays! Hope that everyone had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I sure did. Which has a little to do with why in the heck there hasn't been anything posted in a couple weeks...

Anyway, for today, our topic is current events:

The insanity in the middle east (Gaza in particular, but the entire region in total). I have heard that insanity can be defined as doing the same thing over and over again, while expecting a different result. It seems to me that if that definition holds true, then the entirety of middle east politics and war can be summed up as insanity.

Israel is beset by the hordes of the (mostly Muslim) Arab world. The Arab world is still a little irritated by that whole "1948" thing - you know, the one where some guys in Europe (and in the US) decided that Jews needed to be given "back" their homeland, Arabs living there be damned.

Although they (the UN) split said land into two pieces, and gave one to the Jews, and one to the Arabs, the Jews seem to have made a little better return on theirs... Since the day (May 14, 1948) of the establishment of Israel, the Israelis have been at war, preparing for war, or planning the next war... and they have been victorious. Over and over again. Not that the Arabs have lost heart.

Currently the Arab tactics are whine on TV that Israel is oppressing them while they lob rockets into Israel. Israeli tactics involve dropping hundreds of tons of bombs into Gaza, prepping it for the ongoing ground assault...

The insanity in this is that Israel has been fighting this war, for their established land for sixty years... And yet there are many in the world who would like Israelis and their Arab neighbors to hold hands and sing cumbaya... And their opinion is that Israel needs to stop defending herself to do that. "If those uppity Jews would just stop demanding that the Arabs stop killing Jews, the Jews and the Arabs would get along so much better!"

Now flash forward a year, or a few years, and half way around the globe, to my own personal part of the world... The United States of America. How soon will that insanity have set in here? "If those uppity gun-owners would just stop demanding that the government stop banning guns, the gun-owners and the government would get along so much better!"

The only problem is, there won't be any "gun-owners" if the government bans the guns; nor will there be any Jews if the Arabs kill all of the Jews.

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