Thursday, January 8, 2009

Oh Gawd the "M" word!

While perusing my favorite online gun forum (which happens to cover my favorite MBR, the M14), I ran across this wonderful (ahem) dialog:

(no attempt has been made to disguise users or correct their spelling...)

JohnnyJr: "a friend belongs too are local militia.An has asked me more than once to go to the meeting and camping with them on a few occasions. what do you men think of militias ?surviavalist or whack's"

M1AJAS: "I can only say two things: camping, shooting,beer drinking after wards,yes. "Timothy Mcvie" types, NO WAY."

cavman: "It could be a money maker for you... Before you join...go to your nearest FBI Office, and ask to sign up as an Informant! If, as is very likely, they already have one or more on the payroll...then you could consider starting your own group...and informing on new members... Edit: I forgot to add...And the BATF!!! They just love it when they have you on video where the guy walks over to you, hands you his rifle, and says...Check This Out! Converted It to Select-Fire Myself! I've Done It For Half The Guys Here! I'll Be Glad To Convert Yours Too!If you doubt me on this...just do some serious research on militia groups... I am not saying that Everybody in a militia group is a Whacko...just that militia groups actually DO Attract Whackos! And they ARE constantly monitored, investigated and infiltrated by the FBI... You ARE Judged By The Company You Keep..."

Sustinemus: "Internet gun-related message boards attract whacko's too."

cavman: "I Agree 100%...But There is Much Less Risk Just Being ON a Board...reading Messages from Whackos Who Want To Know How To Break The Law ... Than Being in a Militia Group, Weaing Para-Military Uniforms, and WATCHING People Break The Law?!? And on THIS Forum...They Don't Last Long !!!"

duckbuck: "You are absolutely "spot-on", Cavman... Here on the FL, we are dedicated to safe, sane and LEGAL shooting sports, especially things related to our beloved M14-type rifles. We also frown on trolling and flaming and it appears that this thread may be headed in that direction. Before this gets out of hand completely, I think we ought to agree that everything that needs to be said... has been said. The thread is now closed"

And that was that. The thread was open from 12:15 am (1-8-09) until 10:41 am (1-8-09). Glad that in ten and two thirds hours "everything that needs to be said... has been said". Also Glad to hear that (according to cavman) "They (militia personnel I'm guessing) Don't Last Long !!!" And so...

I have posted my last post on the M14 - Firing Line Forum ( - which reads:

"Found out that I was breaking some rule that I was not aware of.

And on THIS Forum...They Don't Last Long !!!

CAVman in WYoming
So, thanks guys, it was fun."

Sigh! Guess I'll go back to the Warrifles forum... Oh, well. Too bad...

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